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Wadi flash floods (WFFs) in arid and semi-arid regions has recently become more frequent and devastating resulting in great property damage and extensive loss of life as well as environment degradation. Lack of data (availability, quality), disasters (flash floods and drought), water scarcity (quantity and quality), missing of management (water and sediment), and poor knowledge and approaches (models, strategies, and planning) are the main challenges in arid and semi-arid regions. Therefore, a series of the International Symposium on Flash Floods in Wadi Systems (ISFF) were held in Japan (1st ISFF), Egypt (2nd ISFF), Oman (3rd ISFF), and Morocco (4th ISFF). The 5th ISFF will be held in Japan in Kyoto February 2020. The main objectives of ISFF are: 1)to form a platform for networking and sharing experiences and data among some MENA countries, scientists and authorities, 2) to stimulate cooperation among researchers in fundamental and applied sciences towards WFF research, 3) to develop new creative ideas and projects to adapt and mitigate wadi flash floods.

We are pleased to announce that the call of paper submission is open now: .

1. Special issue (ISFF) at Earth Systems and Environment Journal

Disaster Risk Reduction and Assessment for the Flood Prone Urbanized and Heritage Sites in Arid and Semi-Arid Environments.
For submission :  Journal of “Earth Systems and Environment"

2. Springer Book: Wadi Flash Floods

Challenges and Advanced Approaches for Disaster Risk Reduction and Water Harvesting in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions.
For Submission, send your paper to:;;
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3.Urban water Journal (Special Issue for 4th ISFF papers) :